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House of Professional Consultants Labour Law Consultants is proud to inform you that as from 1 March 2021 we offer a professional Payroll Service at an affordable rate per employee per month.  A professional Payroll Administrator with years of experience in Payroll for huge corporate companies will assist you in this service.  You as a valued client can have further benefits with your IR (Labour Law) matters, your Payroll Services and a huge portion of HR matters under one umbrella, this certainly makes HOPC your One Stop Shop in terms of Labour Law.

Further benefits to you of HOPC Payroll system:-

  • Disciplinary actions such as hearings or warnings issued to your employees will be captured, keeping you informed with various reports
  • The system will generate reports on your employees leave situation for eg abuse of sick leave, or family  responsibility leave etc
  • HOPC Payroll will generate your monthly UI 19 for you to submit should you appoint new employees or in the case of resignations/dismissals etc
  • The Payroll system will assist with your yearly WCA contributions
  • HOPC Payroll will generate your IRP’s thereby you safe on bookkeeper costs
  • HOPC Payroll will generate professional personalized payslips with your company logo on

·       The payroll system can assist with your Skills Development

  Documents HOPC PAYROLL will require from you:-

  • Company Registration Documents (Cipro)
  • UIF Registration
  • WCA Registration
  • Physical Address of Business
  • Contact Person and Contact Details
  • SETA (If Applicable)
  • Bargaining Council (If Applicable)

Required documents of all employees when joining HOPC Payroll Services:-  (HOPC will provide some of these forms to be completed)

  • IRP 2
  • EEA 1
  • Emergency Contact Detail Form
  • Family Responsibility Form
  • Proof of Employee banking details or bank      statement not older than 3 months
  • Copy of Identity Document
  • Copy of last 3 months payslips
  • Leave Due (Leave entitlements, annual,  sick, family responsibility etc)

In the case of you being with another Payroll provider and you wish to join HOPC Payroll we will require the following from your current provider.

  • 12 Month report until the end of February 2021 of all your employees indicating earnings and deductions
  • Company Contributions and Last 3 months pay slips of each employee

HOPC Professional Payroll system and service is endless, remember we will keep you the business owner informed of all disciplinary actions, loans, garnishee orders, leave situations etc etc


Contact our Head Office on 058 303 7017 or send us an email on and we will contact you for a personalized quotation.