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Employers and business owners in South Africa are exposed to some of the most stringent labour laws in the world.  The CCMA (Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration) hear more than 1 200 000 cases annually.(referrals)

Employers and business owners suffer huge awards against them at the CCMA, because they are not represented by labour law specialists and they face street wise Labour Unions and employees.  Many cases are lost by employers even before the CCMA hearings due to the fact that disciplinary hearings were not conducted in the correct legal manner, contracts of employment are not in place or insufficient, legal policies are non existent etc.

We offer a solution that makes business sense

House of Professional Consultants (HOPC) consists of lawyers and legal advisors with specialized labour law knowledge.  We specialize in the Labour Law and have a passion for this field of the Law.
HOPC ensures that everything is in place before the employers or business owner must face the CCMA.  We conduct disciplinary hearings to the letter of the Law.  

We further set up legally binding contracts of employment, compile policies and procedures to protect the employer and much more!

House of Professional Consultants is a registered CC which is a BEE Compliant Company and Training Provider. This section is lead by a well experienced Educational Training and Development Practitioner and Assessor, Cheryl Downing who is in possession of a Trainers Development Diploma and who is also a Registered Assessor with the Services Seta.

House of Professional Consultants CC have recently opened additional offices in Port Elizabeth and Cape Town where training facilitators with years of experience and knowledge present and facilitate the learning programs.