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We love to optimize and help other companies thrive by allowing them to focus on their core business!

Our highly effective team of business specialists and service providers work with best practices and state-of-the-art solutions.

Labour Law Professionals

What can HOPC do for me?

Is probably the first question that comes to mind.

Well, what we would like to give you is:

a)      The opportunity to use your time more effectively and profitably.
b)      More harmonious work environment.
c)      The peace of mind that comes from knowing that your labour disputes
.        will now be handled correctly and professionally.
d)      Keep expenses to an absolute minimum.

How will we do that?

Because we are specialists in the field of labour legislation, and have years of experience in all aspects of labour disputes, we can provide proven, reliable systems to ensure that you have no further problems. We are pro-active and we really want to build a solid, lasting relationship with our clients. So, we will do an analysis of your business situation, and then –

·         Ensure that you are compliant with all aspects of legislation.

·         Draw up and implement employment contracts.

·         Negotiate with bargaining councils and unions on your behalf.

·         Put in place disciplinary codes, standards and procedures (on your terms!).

·         Keep you abreast of, and compliant with changes in legislation.

·         Represent you up to, and including, CCMA cases.

·         Be available at all hours for telephonic advice.

So we will be your guardians, defending you against costly and time wasting attacks from any quarter.

No, we are not just another labour consultancy, we believe that, if we can make you happy, if we can give you peace of mind, only then have we achieved what we set out to do.  

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Training Facilitators
Many organisations use trainers with academic knowledge, but no practical experience.

Cheryl started in the training world with Anglogold fourteen years ago.  She has literally trained over 5000 employers and employees to date.  She has also trained the entire Management teams, Marketing Management teams and Administration teams of various companies during 2005 to date.  
All trainers of HOPC whether on an ad-hoc basis or employed by us have years of experience in their respective field or topic which they present, for example in disciplinary hearings and procedures the trainer has literally conducted hundreds of disciplinary hearings as a chairperson him/herself.  The same applies to all the other learning programmes. 

The Services SETA made the following remark with regard to our trainers: “Good quality staff is involved with the training”.